Well this blog post is long overdue. What started for us as this beautiful journey almost 4 years ago, has become our way of life and it’s high time I told you about it.

We set out on a minimalistic adventure, pairing down a 2500 square foot house to a 240 square foot RV we lovingly called Artemis.  With three kids and two dogs, surely this was going to be an adventure worth posting about and at the very minimum taking videos and sharing.  So many people wanted to know how we live our lives and why we live their lives the way we did. Of course we had a built-in following already but for us it cheapened what we were doing. If we were setting out to live a minimalist life and enjoy time with our children we wanted it to be authentic.  We didn’t want to be clouded with having to write about it or re-creating scenes that we did because our shot wasn’t perfect.

I remember this point was really hit home for me  when I was watching a video of a family that traveled and the young son was begging his dad to come play with them in the ocean. The father was sitting at the table enjoying some beverages with his wife and was perfectly content to do so. The boy kept pestering him and pestering him to play with them and finally said to his dad “but dad this will make a great video for the website“ at which point the Dad promptly stood up and engaged in “play” with his son for the video.

For me it was decided, I was going to live my life and enjoy every moment I had with my children, traveling across the country with my best friend, making memories that hopefully will last a lifetime. I wasn’t going to try to show the world this life if it was going to interfere with the very life I was living.

So after making many trips around the US, driving through Canada, spending the summer in Alaska and more I’ve decided I finally feel ready to spend a little time showing everyone who we are and what we do.

So allow me to introduce myself to you, my name is Ange (pronounced Angie) Alex. I am a very happy 40 year old. I’ve been married to my husband Rob Alex for almost 17 years. We have three talented, hilarious, kind and generous children named Aleena, Dorian, and Braeden.   Aleena is almost 16 years old and is an extremely talented artist. She will graduate from high school this year and pursue art full-time.   Dorian is 13 1/2 and loves videogames. He is also extremely creative and very funny. But he has a heart of gold as well. If he knows you’re hurting or you need something he would go out of his way for you. Braeden is our little scientist.  At 12 years old he loves finding out why things are the way they are and getting to the root of things. He loves to create custom jewelry in his rock tumbler by gathering rocks from all over the country where we traveled.   We also travel with two road dogs. Olive is our 10-year-old Shorkie who unfortunately is almost blind. Maggie is our five-year-old Shih Tzu who is something else. Anybody who’s met her knows she’s “different “.

After a year on the road in Artemis we return to Atlanta Georgia where we sold Artemis for more than we paid for her. We then purchased another used class C RV and hit the road again. This time we spent the whole summer in the redwoods in Northern California. It was one of the most magical times in our lives. After that we return to Atlanta again and were in a serious car accident that put us out of travel and commission for over 12 weeks. But thank God we survived it and came out better.

In January 2018 we hit the road again. This trip took us from Florida all the way to California and from California all the way up to Idaho. We crossed the Canadian border at the top of Idaho and went through the Canadian Rockies. We then took the Alaskan highway straight into Alaska. We spent the summer in Alaska and returned back to Florida. At which time we sold that RV and purchase the one we have now. We are in a 2000 Fleetwood bounder 36S. Completely remodeled inside with a custom bunkhouse in the back for the kids to have their own space.    It’s really like a tiny house. Better than I could’ve imagined and it truly feels like home.

As I write this, we are in Florida enjoying the warm weather and making our plans for the remainder of the year. We plan to head west again in May and spend the summer in the Fort Bragg/Mendocino area of California. It stays about 65° there which is perfect in the summer. Our goals this year are to see the northern lights and to visit Hawaii which will be our 50th state we travel to. So thank you all for reading this much and letting us introduce ourselves. We look forward to you following our adventures, reading our many recipes as we cook some pretty crazy things,  and inspiring you to  step out of your comfort zone and live a life you’ve only dreamed of. Because it’s really worth it!